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The following excerpts and edited article is from the NY Times back in 2008.... We can help you with Umbrella insurance in over 23 states: call us now 1-800-747-5311 or go to our website: for an online quote.

HERE’S the nightmare: Your car skids. You crash into a Mercedes with a highly paid business executive at the wheel. He’s hurt so badly he cannot return to work. A jury awards him millions of dollars and you have to pay it.

You’re wiped out financially. The court takes your savings, goes after your home and, for decades, requires you to give up a part of your salary.

For some people such a nightmare could never happen. They have an extra insurance policy, known as umbrella or excess liability coverage, which takes care of their liability for the lawsuits and medical bills of the auto accident victim — or of the teenage guest who dives into the shallow end of the swimming pool or the deliveryman who trips on the front steps.

But many people with major assets either do not buy the extra coverage or do not buy enough. Some do not know about umbrella coverage, which also pays for lawyers and other legal expenses. Others have heard of it but do not understand it. Still others decide that they do not want to pay for it, even though the cost is usually a fraction of the price of a typical package of home and auto insurance.

“Some people have some coverage. But they haven’t changed the amount in years. Some people have a $1 million figure in their heads, and it just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Her first question for new customers is whether they have umbrella coverage. Most of them already do. But “90 percent of them are underinsured,” she said. “Usually they were sold too little from the get-go, and their assets have grown and they never revisited the issue.”

The discussion about umbrella coverage usually should start at $5 million. We can provide up to $100 million in coverage.

Umbrella and excess coverage are extensions of home and auto insurance. Banks make people buy home insurance to get mortgages, and states require drivers to buy auto insurance. But no one mandates buying a policy that could turn out to be the most important part of your insurance package.

Buying such coverage usually does not greatly increase the overall cost of home and auto insurance.

Around the country, at companies dealing with rich clients, the first million in coverage is usually the most expensive, at perhaps $150 to $300 annually, said Jeanne M. Salvatore, a specialist in home insurance at the Insurance Information Institute. Each additional million in coverage, she said, could cost around $100 to $125 annually. The rates per million decline as coverage increases. But at $10 million in coverage, the rate jumps because few customers buy that much, meaning insurers can spread their risk over only a relatively small group of customers.

The situation is often the reverse for the many insurers who specialize in middle- and lower-income clients. Often their rates shoot up after the first million in umbrella coverage because they have only a small group of buyers of umbrella policies larger than $1 million. A smaller pool of customers creates more risk per dollar of premium for an insurer, so the insurer charges more for the coverage.

One homeowner said that for a $3 million umbrella policy from a middle-income insurer, the second and third million in coverage cost him 3.5 times the rate for the first million of coverage.

Thankfully, accidents with elephantine lawsuits are not everyday events. When they do occur, however, the results can be devastating.

One of Mr. Cox’s clients crashed into the rear of a car on a slick highway. A woman and a child were critically injured. After two years of litigation, his client settled the lawsuit for more than $5 million. The client had $15 million in umbrella coverage. The policy paid for the settlement and all legal costs. “Without the umbrella,” Mr. Cox said, “they would have been completely wiped out.”



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